We will be in a battle with Satan and his evil forces until we die. He never quits and we should never quit. Satan counts on us being quitters; we must persist. The battle becomes more fierce as we are used more by God. However, the victories become greater and more pleasing to us and God.
Satan came to steal, kill and destroy; he works hard at his job. He will take everything from you that you will let him have.  Christians want to have their needs met quickly and easily. God simply does not work this way. You have to persist over a long period of time to restore your life. If it took you years to get into the spiritual and physical mess that you are in, why would you expect God to restore you over¬night?
Christians expect God to be like a fast-food restaurant and to dish the food out on a silver platter. God cut a Covenant with you. He will always do His part but He will not do your part of the covenant.
Satan is a good Devil and works twenty-four hours a day at his job of destroying you. We need to be as good at being Christians as Satan is good at being evil.
You must learn what your condition is: mentally, physically, spiritually and materially. You must learn why you got into that condition so that you will not repeat the same mistakes.
There is no cure-all in the Bible. You must use all the provisions of the Bible to lead a balanced life. There are no short-cuts to a successful Christian life.
God realizes that the human race is lazy. We want what God has for us without having to put out much effort. That is why God requires us to work at being Christians.
The casting out of demons will not work by itself. It must be combined with teaching about deliverance and with the disciplining of your life. You must learn to change the way you think and act.
There is a curse against Christians who will not fight God's battles (I Kings 20:35-42 and Jer. 48:10).
Probably the greatest hindrances in the lives of Christians are unforgiveness, rejection, bitterness and rebellion.
Christians will never conquer the world for God in their present condition without deliverance. The church is in a pitiful state.

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