Deliverance Guideline

The best way to view deliverance is to look at what Jesus Christ did and said in the Bible. It is estimated that he spent a fourth to a third of his time teaching and ministering deliverance. If He thought it was that important, then we should too.
Deliverance consists of about three equal parts: teaching, casting out and counseling. There are many good books on deliverance and there is much in the Bible on this subject. The people need mass, group and individual deliverance. Finally, they need counseling so that they can discipline their minds and bodies.
Satan fights deliverance more than any other area of the Christian life. This is the last battleĀ¬ground to complete victory. When you get saved, you become a Foot Soldier. When you receive the Baptism, you become a Marine and are sent to the front line. When you enter into deliverance, you become a Paratrooper and are parachuted behind the Gates of Hell for all-out spiritual warfare.
Deliverance is the most controversial area of the Christian life. Christians generally either do not get involved or only get involved slightly. Because of this, there are weaknesses in the ministry of deliverance.
The biggest weakness is trying to cover deliverance by just casting out demons without proper teaching or counseling. Here, many Christians only go after the surface demons and do not go after the root causes of why the person got into those problems in the first place.
The second biggest weakness is not walking out the deliverance. After the demons are cast out, a person must change their ways of thinking and acting or they will let the demons come back into them. A person needs extensive counseling to help them do this and they must decide to change their lives.
The third biggest weakness is the lack of teaching on deliverance. There is a large body of knowledge about deliverance but you hear little practical teaching come from the pulpit.
Deliverance will not be completely successful unless there is a balance in the church and in the congregation of teaching, ministry and counseling. We have seen partial failures because people relied on just casting out demons, not disciplining their lives or not studying deliverance.

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