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  • Son
    I am praying that my 22 year old son who is suffering from some type of mental depression gets the help that he needs. He does not know that he needs help and his life is spiraling out of control. I pray for his safety and for him to know that I love him and am willing to go the distance in helping him. I pray that anything that I did in parenting did not cause this hurt and damage that he is suffering at this time and I pray that people will not judge him and offer help, love and support
  • Set These Captives Free!
    Hello! I'm not part of your community, but may I please ask for prayers? Please pray for Grant J.'s soul to deeply heal, the idols in his life and veils from his eyes removed, so his spiritual sight is free from stronghold of unbelief & for God's goodness to lead him to repentance. And for creative healing of his ankle. Please pray for Hugh, Cindy and their daughter Casey O. For the removal of the veils off their eyes and idols removed and God's goodness covers them. And for restoration of their relationship. Pray my dad, Gerry, is free from gambling addiction. For God to send the most effective workers to witness to them. And all these captives are set free so they can see, know, embrace, walk in the truth of Jesus and for God's purposes to shine in their lives! Most importantly, Praise God that all of the people in these prayers now know and walk with Jesus and revival happens in the lives of multitudes!
  • pray tht God deliver mike from insecurity jealousy and revengeful and restore hm
    you prayed for mike who broke up witb evet alm 7 wks ago he accused her of cheat on him bec she hd her cell fone off evet didnt cheat on mike she bn cellibat ov 10 yrs. aft he lf evet he txt her calling her all kinds names ths past wk they cros sed paths and talked evet apologized but mike didnt he acted as though he did nothing evet not sure whts goin on betw him and hs,fem frnd c.c but evet is leav mike and c.c in Gods hands evet hsnt heard from mike and shes not run behnd him she doesnt knw if he loves her their no communicatiions has caused them to experience some level of mistrust. plsase pray for mike and evet. mike knws tht he goin to hv to produce an engagement ring to win evet back
  • deliverance
    please pray that Paul Bernardo's marriage proposal is healed and turn the marriage proposal over to a heavenly counterpart and that I receive a healing cup from Jesus, and that we are set free from demonic influence, and that my brain stem is healed from sleep dysfunction and stop all curses and spells.
  • mr
    Pray for a restoration in family life with my wife Jency ,to establish,to grow in biblical perspective and principles as our marriage is in broken condition.
  • No longer abused homeless and job less
    I'm a domestic violence saviour pray I'm no longer abused homeless and job less and falsely acused of things l didn't do in Jesus name
  • pray for mike deliverance of insecurity jealousy and revengefulness
    please pray for mike who broke up w/evet 3 wks ago bec he accused her of cheat on him because she didnt hv cell fone on. after mike left evet he immed text her calling her every name in the book for no reason mike is now pal around with c.c. who suppos engaged to a man no one sees c.c influenced mike to breakup with evet she doesnt like evet ths c.c. hs a bad spirit constantly complaining tht rub off on mike who daily tear down evet ths c.c isnt christian. evet is christian she believ God sent mike in her life mike tld evet tht he has no conscience of doing anythng wrong so hes not apologizing to her. mike seems to be running around w few women he was in love w/evet talk marriage thn someone tld him a lie about evet so he immed cut her off. mike has no love in his heart hes hard hearted and almost out of church
  • Prayer for a job
    I need prayer for a new job please prayer for me
  • Pray for Methodists
    Methodists who support LGBT rights are at a crossroads with the Methodist Church. We pray that God will show us the way.